Mike is an extremely detail oriented, analytically minded, creative thinker who has worked within public relations, digital media, corporate communications and digital advertising. Mike has single-handedly managed and built online communities from the ground up by executing successful online programs, contests and promotions involving several high profile clients.

Mike has found personal success within the digital space by networking and constantly growing his social media presence, gaining a powerful Twitter following that can assist clients daily to achieve additional online awareness for their businesses.

Mike is a seasoned marketer and agency leader who currently works as an Account Director at Wunderman Thompson | Blast Radius in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Wunderman Thompson is a network of advertising, marketing and consulting companies with offices in 60 countries. Headquartered in New York City, Wunderman Thompson is part of Young & Rubicam Brands and a member of WPP Group. Previously, Mike worked as an Account Director at 7 Communications; a boutique advertising agency that has one mission: to help calibrate the client’s Focus, guide them to Invest in strategies that matter and strive each day to make them Famous. 7 Communications is an agency whose genesis came from the knowledge that a typical consumer is exposed to more than a thousand marketing messages in a day, but on average only recalls 7. Prior to Mike joining the advertising world, he worked at a digital media powerhouse, Rebellion Media, (which was purchased by Perk.com in August 2015, who was then acquired by RhythmOne plc on January 19, 2017) as a Social Media Specialist, managing a small team of Community Managers who ran dozens of online social communities.

When down time is necessary, Mike can be found watching a Jim Carrey movie, listening to 90’s Hip Hop, buying another watch or navigating the web on one of his many Apple devices. 

“I drink far too much coffee and idolize Jim Carrey an unhealthy amount. I am a huge morning person; I like waking up very early to enjoy the peace and quiet before the morning storm.”