Mike Goddard Promoted to Account Director

Mike Goddard 7 Communications

The following statement was made by 7 Communications on May 11, 2017, officially announcing myself as Account Director.


He’s versatile, detailed, extraordinarily hard working; and, now Mike Goddard is the newest Account Director at 7 Communications.

“He’s one of the hardest working and most dedicated people to have ever worked here,” said 7 Communications President, Larry Futers. “He has a great level of maturity and ability to take on whatever the situation calls for.”

Goddard joined the firm in 2013, as an Account Executive, with a background in social media management and a high-performance reputation. He moved to Account Supervisor; and, then to his new role as Account Director based on a heady mix of extraordinary client service and versatile creativity mixed with hard work.

“Mike is respected equally by our clients and his peers. That’s not always easy to do,” says Futers.

A graduate of University of Guelph, Goddard studied Business with a specialization in Marketing Management, before his career at Rebellion Media where he coordinated a team of Social Media managers that represented various brands, organizations and individuals. Currently, he serves an array of premium clients in the automotive, real estate, lifestyle, electronics and health care sectors.

7 Communications is a young, energetic luxury lifestyle and branding agency with a knack for making marketing dollars go farther. The company has grown exponentially since its debut in 2009, with the promise to help clients in a variety of sectors build compelling and sustainable programs in a fast-changing marketplace.


The above announcement was initially public on 7 Communications' official website. In Q4 of 2017, the agency redeveloped their website where the above announcement can now only be found here as an archive.