Visiting Pumba Private Game Reserve & Spa

Mike Goddard Pumba Private Game Reserve South Africa

In December 2017, I visited South Africa. Near to the end of the trip I had the privilege of staying at Pumba Private Game Reserve. Every moment seemed to be part of an incredible dream, from the luxurious accommodation to the breathtaking views, visiting this private reserve was definitely a highlight of the trip. Aaaaandd I almost got eaten by a Leopard (brief Instagram video here).

Check out the following video of my time at Pumba Private Game Reserve.

The video honestly barely scratches the surface on what can be seen at this fantastic spot. I was fortunate enough to see some beautiful animals (including four of the big five, no luck on witnessing the Cape Buffalo unfortunately). See slideshow below containing ten of my favourite shots (in order: cheetah, white lion, white rhino, leopard, monkey, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and zebra).