Mike Goddard Featured by Mashable.com

Mike Goddard Mashable

Back in September 2012, Twitter made a visual update to the platform: making the background cover photo a very prominent piece of your profile. Within minutes of noticing the update, I quickly whipped up a greyscale background and updated. Much to my surprise, Mashable.com featured me in their 10 Twitter Header Images Done Right article. In the grand scheme of things this isn't quite an accomplishment but find it pretty cool that I'm part of a list that included Dick Costolo himself (at the time: he was the CEO of Twitter). 

It could have been my timing, it could have been my junior design skills, or more likely: they actually believed I'm Jim Carrey's cousin (which was satirically written in my bio at the time).

Full gallery can be viewed here or feel free to visit the direct source via the link above.