Must see commercials

Mike Goddard Cat

I love advertising in all it’s forms, plain and simple. This may seem like a strange thing to love but I genuinely enjoy watching commercials; good and bad. It always fascinates me how much planning goes into a TV spot and I try to appreciate how much planning, time and effort it took to execute what I just watched.

Now, some TV spots leave me scratching my head; irritated that I just lost 30+ seconds of my life. Why do I still love witnessing this? The obvious: now you know exactly what not to do. It’s like a lesson, the terribleness of one brands message is a learning experience for me. I one day want to help generate national/global commercials for brands and this is one critical way to take notes.

With all that being said, I’d like to provide nine commercials that stand out. To create a ‘Top XX’ list would be near to impossible… there’s far too many options so I decided to pick the first nine that came to mind, in no specific order:

Epuron: The Wind

Kona Brewing Company: Single Tasking

Volkswagen: The Force

Dollar Shave Club: Free Gift


Volvo Trucks: Epic Split

Dodge Durango: Gumball Machine

Southern Comfort: Whatever’s Comfortable

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Can Smell Like

Metro Trains Melbourne: Dumb Ways to Die